Put All Your Lead Management Tools At Your Fingertips With The Lead Management Dashboard.

Put All Your Lead Management Tools At Your Fingertips With The Lead Management Dashboard

Having the right tool makes any job easier. That’s what many of us learned in our high school shop or woodworking classes.

That same principle holds true when you’re trying to manage and close health insurance leads. Having the right sales automation and lead management tools can improve your efficiency — and increase your productivity.

We had this same principle in mind when we created the BrokerOffice dashboard. This convenient home page puts every tool you need to stay on top of all your prospects just a click away:

  • Lead data
    Your most current leads are listed front and center, so you can get to work right away on your freshest leads. You can also expand the lead listing to show all the leads still in your system. From this handy list, you can access the full data record for any prospect, including their current status and your notes.
  • Communications
    Want to email a new proposal or reminder message to a prospect? How about schedule an appointment or future task for that lead? Just click on the arrow next to their name to choose from a menu of tasks. It’s that simple.
  • Calendar
    Stay on schedule with the appointment scheduler. It’s easy to schedule new events, and the calendar will remind you when you need to act.
  • New lead flow
    Successful agents and brokers know the importance of maintaining a steady flow of new leads. Your BrokerOffice account widget lets you know when it’s time to replenish your account, so you can keep your sales pipeline humming.
  • Reports
    Generate real-time summaries of your lead status, account activities and productivity with BrokerOffice’s built-in reports. It’s easier to manage your leads and prospects when you have up-to-date facts available.
  • Resources
    Take advantage of the BrokerOffice Knowledge Base to access advanced sales and marketing resources from industry experts. While you’re there, check out the on-demand tutorials for all Norvax products.

Our convenient dashboard is a big reason why BrokerOffice has become the preferred lead management system for many of the top producers in the health insurance industry. Discover how it can help you improve your productivity and sales by taking a free no-obligation demo today.