With Just 1 Click, You Can Share Carrier Forms and Brochures With Any Prospect.

With Just 1 Click, You Can Share Carrier Forms and Brochures With Any Prospect

Insurance has traditionally been a paper-heavy industry. Agents and brokers can sometimes bury prospect with reams of brochures, proposals and forms.

BrokerOffice is changing all that … and increasing your efficiency along the way.

With the BrokerOffice document management feature, your standard sales and application documents are just a click away. You don’t even have to print and mail them. BrokerOffice lets you instantly email these pre-published documents directly to any prospect:

  • Carrier brochures
    You get a prospect who wants more information to read about your proposed carrier or plan. How long does it take you to get that brochure to them?  With BrokerOffice, it only takes a few seconds. Just click on the carrier brochure you want and email it instantly.
  • Detailed proposal
    The BrokerOffice lead management system integrates with the Norvax Quote Engine, so you can create updated proposals in seconds. You can then send these customized proposals immediately.
  • Carrier forms
    When you’ve got a ready-to-close prospect, the last thing you want is to risk losing them with any delays. BrokerOffice takes away that worry by letting you send the right carrier application form right away — wherever you are.
  • Your custom forms
    Have a form you want to use? The BrokerOffice document management system also lets you upload your own brochures for easier access and delivery.

This incredible BrokerOffice feature does require integration with your Norvax Quote Engine, but even that’s a snap. For more information and to see for yourself how the BrokerOffice lead management system can help increase your productivity and sales, take a free no-obligation demo today.