Create Magic By Integrating Broker Office With Your Sales and Marketing Tools.

Create Magic By Integrating BrokerOffice With Your Sales and Marketing Tools

The BrokerOffice lead management system is designed to play well with others—especially powerful CRM, sales automation and web marketing programs.

Although BrokerOffice can and does stand on it’s own, it’s also an integral part of the Norvax suite of sales automation and web marketing technology. When combined with the other tools in the Norvax suite, BrokerOffice adds cutting-edge sales and marketing assets to its lead management functions.

Quote Engine

Speaking of quote engines, the Norvax multi-carrier quote engine is what is allowing health insurance agents to avoid the fate of travel agents. Scores of travel agents have been pushed out of business by online sites like Orbitz, Priceline and — which are all really just quote engines.

With the Norvax multi-carrier Quote Engine, any health insurance quote engine can compete with these big websites to capture the growing majority of consumers going online for their individual health insurance.

But the quote engine is also a productivity tool. It can immediately help you slash your quoting time by up to 96%, since you can now generate dozens of plans from multiple carriers in just seconds — instead of hours. Top producers rave that the BrokerOffice + Quote Engine combination now allows them to handle five to ten times as much business each day.

The Quote Engine also helps you close the sale by allowing users to compare multiple plans side by side. Prospects can see exactly what competing plans offer in terms of benefits and pricing. The Norvax Quote Engine also provides on-the-fly pricing adjustments for optional benefits and riders, which can help you avoid those last-minute price shocks that can jeopardize your sale.

You can then generate detailed, customized proposals that can be immediately sent to each prospect. Having the Quote Engine also allows you to access the document library of pre-published carrier brochures and forms, which you can also email instantly to any prospect in your database.

Best of all, you can embed your Norvax Quote Engine into your website. And whenever any prospect uses it, BrokerOffice will automatically record their information and provide you with an exclusive lead.

Quote Engine

More than 75% of all American adults now use the Internet. More importantly for health insurance professionals, more than 75% of all consumers who buy individual health insurance today use the Internet for part or all of their purchase.

By 2011, it’s expected that 9 out of every 10 individual health insurance plans will be bought using the Internet.

This startling but unsurprising fact reinforces why agents need to have a web presence. But in the increasingly competitive online arena, having the right type of agent web site is just as important.

Norvax agent websites are unique because they’re designed for conversion. They use best practice web design and development to provide agents with a website that can help them attract visitors — and convert more of them into leads.

The Norvax website is powered by an embedded quote engine, turning your website into a 24-hour one-stop resource for online health insurance shoppers. It gives consumers a reason to visit your website … because it’s more than just an online brochure. It actually helps them shop for the right plan.

And whenever an online shopper does use your website-embedded Quote Engine, that new exclusive lead will be automatically added to your BrokerOffice lead management system.

Find out how the BrokerOffice lead management system can integrate with these and other CRM tools to help increase your productivity and sales by taking a free no-obligation demo today.