Increase Your Lead Conversion Rates With The #1 Lead Management System

Increase Your Lead Conversion Rates With The #1 Lead Management System

Nearly 4 out of every 5 leads that a salesperson fails to close in the first week end up closing with a rival salesperson! That’s the finding of a recent study on lead conversion by a major CRM consultant.

But it’s not necessarily because that other salesperson offers a better product or pricing. It’s because they took the time to identify genuine prospects and nurture them to an eventual closing.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common situation with many health insurance agents who deal with leads today…

You get a new lead and make contact. They’re interested and it looks promising. You send them a proposal and provide regular follow-up, but they still need a little more time.

Meanwhile, you’re getting new leads every day that have to take priority — especially when you get prospects who are ready to close right away. With each passing day, you find that you have to add even more leads to your “lead nurturing” folder.  Those leads are valuable assets, but as their numbers grow and you continue to get fresh, hot leads coming in, you have even less time to devote to them.

Unfortunately, that’s when leads can start falling through the cracks. Without proper lead management tools, agents are unable to stay on top of their many prospects — and stay connected.

This is also why BrokerOffice has become the #1 lead management tool for health insurance agents. BrokerOffice offers a powerful way for agents to handle all their prospects … whether they have a database of 50 or 5,000.

It simplifies lead tracking, so you know which leads need immediate attention and which leads need a lot more nurturing.

See how the right lead management technology can help you increase your close rates and lead conversion ratios by taking a free no-obligation demo today.