A Proven Track Record Of Increasing Agent Productivity.


A Proven Track Record Of Increasing Agent Productivity
And It's Not Just Us Saying It.

“Norvax has been great for dealing with existing customers. Especially since everything is saved. In this business I’m constantly rolling my customers back and forth between carriers. It’s just so nice that anything I’ve inputted is still there — a year later.”
— Ron Gasik, EasyWebQuotes

“I think Norvax is the cutting edge and they are ahead of the curve; that’s important in this business. Norvax is not reactive they’re proactive.”
— Bob Brow, Health Quotes USA

"Norvax is the most proactive marketing company I have ever experienced! It is an absolute pleasure to do business with you."
- Fred Havens, Healthcarenow.net

“I don’t want to recommend [Norvax] so much in town because I don’t want the competition! For what it costs there’s no way you could ever pay someone to do what it does.”
—  Jack Krier, Ameri Quote Financial

“If you had told me five years ago I’d be sitting in my office, never seeing a client and writing apps I would’ve said you’re crazy. I have less unproductive time. I’m more accessible to current clients. [Norvax] is a win for the agent because you do more business. It’s a win for the consumer because the agent is more accessible.”
— Bill Pellegrini, Pellegrini & Associates

“Norvax tools have helped us quite a bit because we’re an agency that really thrives with and utilizes a lot of technology. And it made it a lot simpler. With us being Property and Casualty specialists and not really health experts, it’s really made our life easier and been able to allow us to get into the health arena. We otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. For P&C agents not using technology but who want to get involved in the health insurance industry, I would strongly recommend Norvax systems.”
—  Jeremy McCullum, Alliance Insurance Agency

“I’ve been using Norvax system a little over the year now, and have been thrilled with it … I’m able to use the leads that I’ve purchased through Norvax as well as my own referrals. I can put that information into Norvax’ search engine, build custom quotes for my clients and have it out within a minutes, which in my line of work, saves me time.”
—  Sally Wurr, Paul R. Wurr and Associates

“I focus on long-term care, health insurance and life insurance for individuals and small businesses.  I made a conscious decision to use Norvax as an administrative tool. One goal I have is to postpone hiring staff for as long as possible, and it’s very crucial that I streamline all my operations. Norvax allows me to do that.”
— Julie Schrock, Schrock & Associates

“I became aware of Norvax through another agent that I know. He was having great success with Norvax and spoke glowingly about capabilities of the system. I did my own investigation, agreed with him and began using Norvax ourselves. It actually fits in with our overall philosophy in the agency to maximize the tools that are out there on the internet. And it fills a lot of needs that an agent is going to encounter in this kind of business. We have found the use of Norvax tools to be easy, fast and up to date, and eliminates huge storage problem in terms of paper, material, applications and so forth. And one of the big things is it’s up to date.”
— Jim Stowe, James Financial Services Inc.

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