Guide Your Unclosed Leads To A Buying Decision With The Broker Office Lead Management System

Guide Your Unclosed Leads To A Buying Decision With The BrokerOffice Lead Management System

It would be great if every lead and prospect you got could close with just one phone call or meeting.

But experience tells us that some prospects take more time. They need to be nurtured to a purchase. Unfortunately, these “long term” leads can often get lost in the shuffle, as newer leads come in and take priority — unless you have the BrokerOffice lead management system.

BrokerOffice helps you stay on top of all your prospects, whether you have three dozen or 3,000 in your database. Best of all, it helps you to nurture those prospects that need more time to come to a buying decision.

This powerful prospect and lead manager can help you schedule future “touch” dates when you can instantly send them a reminder message, a marketing brochure or a quick phone call to gauge where they are in the buying process.

When they are finally ready, BrokerOffice can help you take them through an application and submission right away. You end up improving your closing rate and ROI — without taking time away from the new leads that need immediate attention.

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